PADI, Professional Association of Diving Instructor, which is a word that consists of the initial letters of the Association of Professional diving instructors. Padi is an American organization, not a confederation, but a company with offices in 7 regions of the world. Training materials are more advanced than other systems.

PADI Dive Trainings at our center 


Open Water Diver

          Anyone who is over 14 years old, who knows swimming and who doesn't have any obstacle to diving can attend the course. Having successfully completed the training, Open Water Diver has been informed on the theoretical issues related to diving, and is ready to make open sea dives with his dive partner who can dive and remove all of the dive equipment appropriately, use and dive correctly underwater and also have an Open Water Diver certificate. Open Water Diver can dive up to 18 meters.



Advanced Open Water Diver

          People who hold an Open Water Diver or a Star Diver certificate can attend this course at any time. Those who have successfully completed their training have completed 5 specialty dives and have increased their diving experience. They can dive to a depth of up to 30 meters. Two star divers under the age of 18 can only dive up to 24 meters.


Emergency First Response

         The Emergency First Response program teaches you how to perform CPR and apply first aid. This course includes the knowledge and skills that a diver or a non-diver should have. It must be taken before starting the Rescue course. If there is a first aid course from other institutions, it is not compulsory.



Rescue Diver

          People who hold an Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver or a Star Diver certificate can participate in this course if they have completed 20 dives. The self-sufficient diver, who has gained basic skills in the start-up programs, completes his integration with the environment through second-level programs. The self-contained, adaptive diver can now take responsibility for other divers. The Rescue Diver program is based on the participant's view of diving activity from a different angle. Preventing the problem from occurring, opening the front view, constitutes the main target. If the problem occurs, correct, corrective application is another goal. Within the scope of the program, Tired Diver Intervention, Panic Diver Intervention, Underwater Stress Management, Lost Diver Search, Unconscious Diver Survival, Unconscious Diver Surface Intervention, Terrestrial Environment (Coast-Boat) Techniques, Pressure-related diseases such as first aid applications are transferred to the participant.



Master Scuba Diver

          People who have a Rescue Diver or Two Star Diver certificate can participate in this course. This certificate is the highest diver certificate that can be obtained in PADI training system. It refers to the diver who has fully adapted to the underwater environment with his training and experience. People who have completed 50 dives and have received 5 specialty dive training can receive this certificate.



Dive Master

          People who have a Rescue Diver or Two Star Diver certificate can participate in this course. The diver who has completed the basic structure and gained the ability to make corrective action to other divers is now ready for Leadership training for groups. Within the scope of the program, Dive Master Candidate develops leadership characteristics and provides full structuring in diving theory under the headings of physics, physiology, dive tables, materials and diving conditions. The water section of the program has limited water and offshore applications. The primary environment of diving activity, water susceptibility and adequacy to the environment, is evaluated based on distance, time and durability. Specialization in demostration (presentation) quality skills is provided to teach basic diving skills to people who do not know diving. In open sea applications, Dive Master candidates undertake internship with real dive students and certified divers under the supervision of a direct instructor. The Dive Master, the first professional level in the PADI organization, is the starting point for a career in the diving industry. Dive Masters are indispensable parts of the industry that can lead the groups both in terrestrial and aquatic environments and model the correct diving habits and practices.



Asistan Instructor

          PADI Dive Masters or 3 star divers can participate in this program. This is the first instructor level in the PADI organization, giving the Dive Masters with leadership skills the methods of transferring information. Structures of diving theory and transfer of underwater skills are gained to the candidate with academic knowledge development, shallow water education and offshore education lecture techniques. Assistant Instructors are members of the PADI training system who specialize in transferring information to the other party.



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