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I would like to introduce you to the Foça Dive Center. We are a member of the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF) . Our dive center is PADI official center. TSSF is connected to the CMAS (Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques). Your diving certificate will be CMAS / TSSF certified and is valid everywhere in the world.

Our dive center has been in the top ten of the 275 turkish dive centers for four years. Our dive staff welcomes you with a smile, seven days a week.

Our dive center offers:

1. CMAS/TSSF courses

2. PADI courses

3. Swimming courses

4. Lifeguard courses.

To experience the magnicificent under water world for the first time, we offer a discovery scuba dive.  (DSD). A trained instructor will introduce you one on one to this magical environement. We will guide you for 30 minutes to a maximum depth of 5 meters. A DSD costs 150₺, for this price you will get the full attention of the instructor, your equipment and some beautiful pictures and/or videos (120₺ without pictures).

After a DSD you can start your carreer as a recreational diver, by enrolling in one of our PADI or CMAS courses. This can be individual or with a group of max. 4 divers.

We offer following courses:


o CMAS 1* - 1200₺

o CMAS 2* - 1200₺

o CMAS 3* - 2000₺


o Open Water Diver (OWD) – 1500 ₺

o Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) 1500  ₺

Course prices can be payed cash or with credit card.


The one star course is the first and most basic course. It includes theory lessons at the dive center and six open water dives. The final dive to conclude the course will be a boat dive. During the course we take free educational pictures and videos.


After the 1* course, you can continue your education by enrolling in the 2* course (with a minimum of 20 logged dives). The 2* course is more complex and challenging (eg. navigation, CPR, etc.). A 2* CMAS diver is allowed a maximum depth of 30 meter.

If you are interested in learning how to swim or improve your swimming technique, you can enroll in our swimming course. We offer lessons of maximum five hours, individual (150 ₺\pp) or in group (max. 3 people, 100₺\pp).

We have a camping side next to the dive center which offers tent camping, restaurant and barbeque (camping area for tent 30 ₺\pp).

To adjust our schedule and give you the best diving experience, we ask you to make an appointment (telephone number underneath).





PADI MSDT 271192


0532 2759451        0505 4367153         02328124009


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